Team Duties


All teams are required to participate in match duties throughout the event.  Each team must provide accredited officials for all team duties as listed in the tournament regulations.

Duty teams must present at the start of the official warm-up prior to their scheduled duty match assignment and provide the following minimum personnel:

      • One (1) 2nd Referee
      • Two (2) Line Judges
      • One (1) Scorer
      Optional: One (1) Assistant Scorer

Each participating delegation must nominate a given number of referees, based on the number of teams they have registered in the Tournament. Team nominations will not be considered complete, and will not be accepted, without the referee nominations.

Team NominationNo. RefereesTeam NominationNo. Referees
1  110 – 117
2  212 – 138
314 – 159
4 – 5  416 – 1710
6 – 7  518 – 1911
8 – 9620 – 2112

If you wish to referee at this event, please get in touch with your State delegation.

Volleyball Australia will also be appointing a Referee Delegate, Assistant Referee Delegate and multiple Referee Supervisors.

To register your interest for these positions, please click the link below and submit your EOI by XXXXX.